Beta testing to find your target market?

For your products to become successful you need to know your target market and audience. If you don’t know these you’ll waste time and money on irrelevant people. But how do you know your true target audience? The people you think are your target market might actually be the complete opposite to those who end up buying your products. 

One way to find your target is to run focus groups. In focus groups you’ll get an idea of who likes your product, however there are only a few people in focus groups and you probably need more data to find your market. This can lead to some quantitative research. However, if you’re already doing quantitative testing of your app I believe this can actually help you find your target market.

It’s a real advantage to have testers involved with and interested in your app. They give a lot of important information, like finding bugs and problems with usability, but why not get these interested testers more involved? They can do more than finding bugs, in fact, they can help you nail down your target audience. Start a dialogue and ask them for their feedback over a longer period of time. Ultimately, the testers are part of your target so invite them to help you understand them better and learn what kind of people they are. This can end up saving you a lot of money.

When using a beta testing platform such as Beta Family you get testers from all over the world that have a passion for apps and you can use this as a base to help find your target market and audience. Something that might help you with this is our feature called Teams. It lets you create different teams depending on your goals. You can add our top testers to a team and have good clear communication with them. Since this feature gives you better contact with your testers you can have an honest dialogue and learn more about them. You can also use it to create teams of people that you believe are in your target audience and it will help you underst and if they would indeed buy and/or use your app.

A quick word of caution for when using the Team function to test your app. We suggest you use both chosen and random testers to maintain credibility. If you only use chosen testers, and pay them too, any reviews of the app could lack credibility and make potential customers skeptical about the results and how good the app is.

Beta Tester Of The Month – October 2015 – Ken Wong Zhi Bin

It’s October and we’ve got a new beta tester show you. Ken Wong Zhi Bin is our Beta Tester of The Month. He’s 34 years old and there were two things that made him start with beta testing. Read on to find out what they are.

Name: Ken Wong Zhi Bin

Age: 34

Nationality: Singaporean

Interests: Technology

Devices you own: PC, laptop, android phone, Ipad, smart TV, etc

How many apps have you beta tested?

More than 40

What’s your best quality as a tester?

My patience and capability to look into details

What’s your favorite app?

I have a few. Whatsup and Google Drive is two of my favorites.

Do you have a favorite app developer or company?

I admire of all those one-man developer/company worldwide, kudos to you all!

How come you started with beta testing?

To make internet a better place and to earn some $

What kind of apps do you most like to test?

Game apps or social apps

As you’ve tested lots of apps you must have encountered many bugs and faults. Is there one bug or fault you see often that you feel developers should know about and fix before starting the beta testing?

The connection to server. It must be ready before beta testing.

Why are you part of Beta Family’s community?

It came out as top from the search result of search engine.

How long have you been a member at Beta Family?

More than 3 months

Do you have any tips for newly started beta testers?

Actively participate all the available testing.

What’s your philosophy towards beta testing?

It’s a matter of manner towards everything, it actually reflect your mentality towards your life too.

What three things do you need to be successful in beta testing?

The three things I think you need to be in order to be successful at beta testing are patience, honesty and speed.

What are the best and worst things about beta testing?

The worst is to forget where you have stopped at.

The best thing about beta testing is when you encounter a bug-free app.

Would you rather test apps for bigger companies or new start ups?

I think I rather beta test for new start up because I believe that they have better ideas.

What makes an app exciting to test?

Innovative idea

How many apps are on your phone right now?

I have lost count but at least over a 100.

Are you a gamer? If so, what kind of games do you like?

Casual gamer, strategy game is my fav.


Malin Klockare Gullesjö
Malin Klockare Gullesjö is working with Beta Family’s online profile. She has previously worked as a community manager on social media in the tourism industry.