Beta Tester Of The Month – July 2015 – Philip Erbe

This month we feature Philip Erbe as our Beta Tester of The Month. He’s been at Beta Family about a year and has tested a LOT of apps. Can you guess how many?

Name: Philip Erbe

Age: 26

Nationality: American

Interests: Mobile Gaming and movies.

Devices you own: I test using the iPhone 6 plus, iPad mini retina, and the htc one.

How many apps have you beta tested?

I have beta tested around a hundred apps both on the beta family site and off.

What is your best quality as a tester?

I am always passionate about the application I am testing. Developers don’t need someone who would never be a potential customer. It’s not just bug testing but also insight into what would make people enjoy their app.

What is your favorite app?

My favorite app that I have beta tested would definitely be Arcanox, I still to this day play it!

Do you have a favorite app developer or company?

My favorite developer has to be Christian Teister of Juhu Games. We built up a great working relationship during his testing on beta family. Christian even ended up using my review in his game trailer you can check it out on YouTube just type Arcanox.

Arcanox Cards vs. Castles

How come you started with beta testing?

I started becoming a beta tester because I love mobile gaming but I noticed two problems. First developers were getting one star reviews not based on their game but the bugs they didn’t iron out. The second was the free to play boom created really unfair game mechanics that were designed to bankrupt players. So I set out to help fix both!

What kind of apps do you most like to test?

I really love testing almost everything but if you put multiplayer in it I’m hooked!

As you’ve tested lots of apps you must have encountered many bugs and faults. Is there one bug or fault you see often that you feel developers should know about and fix before starting the beta testing?

The biggest problem I see is free to play games not giving their testers proper in app currency to fully test the game. Testers need access to everything to find bugs. Unless you are testing how far they can get without money, make sure to have coupon codes ready at testing or an unlocked store.

Why are you a part of Beta Family’s community?

Because it really is a community! Many sites like to throw that word around but Beta Family means it. I have had the opportunity to work with some truly great developers! Thanks to the great rating system developers also have a place to find intelligent and passionate beta testers.

How long have you been a member at Beta Family?

I have been a member for a little over a year now.

Do you have any tips for newly started beta testers?

It’s simple be honest, thorough, and always respectful. These developers often put their hearts and souls into making these apps so it’s important to test the right way.

What’s your philosophy towards beta testing?

It may sound silly but beat the app up! You have to try every combination of things to make the app crash. If you don’t there is bound to be one customer who will and ends up leaving a one star review.

What three things do you need to be successful in beta testing?

To be a successful beta tester you have to be creative, methodical, and have a passion for it.

What are the best and worst things about beta testing?

The worst is trying to recreate a bug that happens inconsistently! The best is getting recognized for your work!

Would you rather test apps for bigger companies or new start ups?

While I do love both, start ups hold a special place in my heart. You just get a level of communication and also impact that you typically don’t get from larger companies.

What makes an app exciting to test?

Honestly it’s not the apps themselves but the developers. It’s exciting when they keep a good dialogue through out and let you know that your opinions really matter. There’s nothing more exciting than knowing changes that you help make will be seen by everyone who downloads that app.

How many apps are on your phone right now?

Too many but there almost always changing. I always like to be beta testing one or two.

Are you a gamer? If so, what kind of games do you like?

I consider myself a mobile gamer fanatic! Especially mmorpgs I’ve played almost every one on the app stores. Right now my favorite is tai chi panda.

A big thank you to Philip for taking the time to give us his opinion on beta testing! I really like his philosophy towards beta testing. Don’t you?

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Malin Klockare Gullesjö
Malin Klockare Gullesjö is working with Beta Family’s online profile. She has previously worked as a community manager on social media in the tourism industry.