It’s proven, Spotify has the best playlists! But are they the best music service? Find out.

The race between the music streaming giants continues with Apple Music recently announcing they have about a third of Spotify’s 20 million paying customers. As the chase of Spotify continues, we’ve taken a quantitative look to find out which music service is the best right now.

Keep reading to find out who has the best music recommendations, radio feature and much more! At the bottom of the post you can also download an infographic summarising all the results.

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Offline apps are trending

Having worked a lot with ­­offline-capable apps lately, I started to see similar trends everywhere. Of course, that is partly because of frequency illusion, also known as Baader-Meinhof phenomenon“When a thing you just found out about suddenly seems to crop up everywhere.”

Nonetheless, offline is really trending. As broadband connections and 4G cell phones become commonplace, and everyone and their mom talk about IoT, streaming and The Cloud™, it might seem strange to focus on the eventuality that you would temporarily lose your precious connection. But I find it perfectly reasonable. The more we get used to online services, the more we depend on them, and the worse the damage done when they unexpectedly stop working. Considering and handling offline scenarios is proactive damage control.

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Beta testing to find your target market?

For your products to become successful you need to know your target market and audience. If you don’t know these you’ll waste time and money on irrelevant people. But how do you know your true target audience? The people you think are your target market might actually be the complete opposite to those who end up buying your products.

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How NOT to handle your app upgrades

Or: How Comhem messed up their software, and what we can learn from their mistakes

Once, there was this functioning TV app

In Sweden, one of the largest cable TV provider is Comhem, offering the TiVo TV platform to over 200, 000 customers. The TiVo box allows scheduled program recordings, Netflix integration, and a variety of other features related to “smart TV viewing”. Of course, a mobile app is included in this TiVo solution.

The app was available for iOS and Android devices, providing a TV guide, the possibility to start recordings when away from home, remote control replacement and a few other helpful features. You could also view TV directly on your device, either recorded programs or live streaming. Great for some late night viewing in bed, or breakfast news in the kitchen with your tablet.

The app might not have been beautiful, but it matched the GUI on the TiVo box itself, making it feel familiar to users.

1 2


So far, so good…

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Should you use your fans as testers?

Since I joined Beta Family I’ve discovered a tool called Mention, which lets users monitor certain phrases that are important to them. For example, I’m always on the lookout for app development companies that need beta testers and with Mention I get an overview of all social media channels and forums where companies are searching for them. It’s great!

Using Mention I noticed it’s common for fans of games and other applications to contact companies directly and offer to be beta testers. This is quite interesting and I reckon worth chatting about, because there are some aspects to consider when using fans as testers.

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